STATEMENT FROM CHARLES KELLY BARROW, COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS, REGARDING DECISION BY THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES IN WALKER VS. TEXAS SCV Speaking for the 30,000 members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I must say that we are profoundly disappointed by the adverse decision of the United States Supreme Court in their ruling in favor of the State of Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The S.C.V. is an honored heritage organization, founded in 1896. We are direct descendants of those who fought for the South 150 years ago. We honor them as members of our families who did what they felt was absolutely right in their time. Only recently has it become politically popular in some quarters to demonize them and to marginalize their legacy. It is unfortunate that the Court has not extended the same sense of inclusion, diversity and tolerance to the estimated 70 million Americans of Confederate descent that is the right of every other American. The idea of inclusion, diversity, and tolerance apparently does not apply under law to those of us whose heritage is unpopular in some quarters. This is a sad day for the First Amendment and for mutual respect and bridge-building among Americans of different viewpoints. The SCV will continue to fight for those true American values of free expression and against the wave of "political correctness" which has over-run those most basic First Amendment rights guaranteed by our foundational document, the Constitution of the United States.